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National Alliance of Trade Associations comprises of 12 associations throughtout the United States of America

These Trade Associations are composed of convenience store owners and aim to reach purchasing agreements with major vendors



These 12 Associations form NATA, an organization that is dedicated to uniting and leveraging the synergy of their scope to add value to its members.



“The mission of the NATA Associate Membership is to promote the inclusion of all entrepreneurs and businesses in under a National platform. To provide unified economic, social, educational, and legal, benefits, services, products, and opportunities that will allow our membership to have competitive advantage in their entrepreneurial endeavors and a better quality of life”



It is said there is safety in numbers, but there is power in numbers, as well. That’s the principle behind the National Alliance of Trade Associations (NATA), created in 2000 to help form relationships, strengthen buying power, share best practices, foster education and promote unity among Ismaili business owners. NATA members represent over 4000 independent retail stores who had over $2 billion in total sales per month. NATA serves the membership by providing a National platform to negotiate deals with national vendors, share industry knowledge, make industry connections and provide tangible and intangible benefits to ensure the competitive viability of our members’ businesses.

Enable businesses to work as a dynamic and united national group, so as to derive maximum economic wealth.

Mission Statement



National Deals with major vendors

Trade Association members which total more than 4,000 stores and employ more than 20,000 people collectively.

NATA Quest Fuels

Quest Fuels was Founded in 2011. It is providing fuels to South and Central Texas and expanding in States of Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia and Mississippi. It is our belief that the customer is the most important person in our business. We strive to provide quality services and products to our customer’s satisfaction.

NATA participates in annual trade shows

An International trade association representing more than 2,100 retail and 1,600 supplier company members.

NATA Associate Membership

The membership provides you many financial benefits such as: money saving activities, bulk buying opportunities, and specialty products.

NATA prides itself on its affiliations

The Associations not only give back to the local community through involvement with various organizations.


Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy as an associate member of NATA.

Helps you grow your business!

Connects you to the industry!

Helps you reduce your liabilities!

Helps promote your interests!

Helps Keep you informed!



“The mission of the NATA Associate Membership is to promote the inclusion of all entrepreneurs and businesses in under a National platform.